German Banker Secret – A New Forex Trading Strategy

The German Banker Secret – A New Forex Trading Strategy

german banker secret

Forex tradinghas always been extremely popular. Within the last several months there has been a new trading strategy that has been gaining in popularity. The strategy has been promoted by an ex German banker named Norbert R. This strategy has been a long time secret of European heavy weight traders and the release of it to the general public has elicited a great deal of shock from insiders.

The name of this system is the German Banker Secret and it revolves around trading  60 second binary options combined with charting using Bollinger bands to uncover trends in the currency markets. This system can produce profits in up and down markets and by using 60 second options the trader can complete a trade from start to finish in only 1 minute.


The details of the strategy are really interesting and even more interesting is that learning the entire system is totally free. Norbert started by giving seminars throughout Germany, Italy and France and has now brought his program to the U.S. with free online training.

You can get more information at the German Banker Secret Review.

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